Brad Wilson:

Focus on Spray Booth Filters Keeps Servair Growing

Every filter and accessory your spray booth needs is found right here. With spray booth filters there are always trade-offs between capacity, efficiency, change out frequency, price and other factors. Spray booth manufacturers tend to put the same filter in every booth they sell, regardless of the application. We find that over 50% of spray booths we see could use a better filter for its unique application so we are happy to run free trials of any of our filters in your spray booth to see which filter works best for you. Just contact us and we can go over your current requirements and suggest the filters that are the best ones for you.

The continual growth of SERVAIR FILTERS is a testament to the single minded devotion to providing the best filter for every spray booth application.

Spray booth filters can be an accessories afterthought for some suppliers but it is the ONLY thing the team at SERVAIR FILTERS focus on.

SERVAIR FILTERS, along with her sister company, Com-Pleat Filters Inc., either manufactures in house, or imports truckload quantities, of the 5 main types of interchangeable spray booth filters: accordion style, baffle box type, paper mesh, polyester pockets and fiberglass.

Several years of "on the road" experience calling on industrial and automotive customers gives SERVAIR FILTERS the skill needed to find the most appropriate filters for each spray booth. This is done with free trials of various filters to determine the best trade-off between capacity, efficiency, price and other factors.

Brad Wilson started Com-Pleat Filters in 1996 with colleagues Glen Widdifield and Len Szamreta while he was sales manager of Servair Inc. In 2002 Wilson went on his own, moving the manufacturing plant to Georgetown, ON and in 2005 he bought the filter division of Servair Inc. renaming it SERVAIR FILTERS.

Most recently, SERVAIR FILTERS divided its sales force into Industrial Spray Booths with Colleen Ketteringham and Collision Centre Spray Booths with Keith Hayward to better serve the specific needs of each market segment. The sales team has developed a lot of experience with spray booth filters as a result of this emphasis.

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